Assignment 1: Visual Communication as Branches of Information: Networks and Systems



Infographic: Because No Comedian is an Island/ The Six Degrees of Jon Hamm Comedy Chart

Leave it to GQ magazine to create some of the most visually interesting-albeit complex-infographics around. This infographic, titled, “Because No Comedian Is An Island” cleverly shows just how interconnected people in the entertainment industry are. Just like the six-degrees of Kevin Bacon game, this infographic shows how an actor like Jon Hamm has second-handedly worked with everyone in the business by showcasing  This inforgraphic is supposed to be entertaining more that it is supposed to be actually informative.

There is no central focus in this infographic so the eye is not certain of where to go first. Instead, all the information are muddled and lost within the design. The infographic is also lacking a hierarchy that helps the reader to categorize the order of importance of information. The arrows point in every direction The novelty font of varying colors in the background is distracting but since the overall aesthetic is already busy and overwhelming, it fits in

I wouldn’t consider this the best infographic that I have come across but it is certainly not the worst. The infographic’s main purpose is to be a comic relief


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