Assignment 2a: Web-site Analysis Based on Process

For our second assignment, we were asked to analyzed the design of a website.

  • The primary purpose of Curating the City is to inform and engage users about the expansive architectural and cultural heritage in L.A. through an interactive medium. The website incorporates various visual components to educate people on the history of famous landmarks in the city.
  • I think people will respond well to the aesthetic and mood of the site. The black and gray color scheme is ideal for a website about buildings but the splashes of green, orange, and blue throughout adheres to mood of L.A.
  • The function that allows people to add their own personal experiences for the “memory book” creates another dimension of interactivity. These stories serve to connect human ethos to concrete structures, which ultimately becomes more effective to serve its message.
  • The main audience that this program is targeting towards is primarily the educational set (students and teachers) but also for those working in the industry (engineers and architects) who can use this site as a simple database.
  • This program is effective in helping the Los Angeles Conservancy serve its purpose to restore and maintain historic buildings as well as to educate the community about the city’s resources.
  • One thing that the website could improve upon is the photography as for most buildings, only two exteriors shots were featured.

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