Assignment 3: Branding Timeline

Brand Overview:

Created in 1982, “USA Today” is a publication primarily known for producing content that is easier to access for a wider demographic. With more prominent pictures and easier-to-read articles than other newspapers such as “The New York Times” or “The Wall Street Journal,”  “USA Today,” breaks up the traditional layout by including excerpts of stories from each section on its front page. Consisting of angular and concise shapes, the original logo and font reflected the time period when the publication started. Over the years, the publication has made several changes in an attempt to keep up with the evolving world.

Period of Time:

The timeline spans over a period of thirty years, from when the publication first started up until it made headlines just last week for unveiling its new brand identity.

Imagery and Principles of Design:

I tried modeling this timeline to look like an infographic that would appear on the pages of “USA Today,” by using colors that would make a statement and utilizing text in an entertaining but informative way. I wanted to keep the timeline primarily linear as to not detract from the new circular logo. I used the same blue from the logo all throughout the timeline to create a sense of cohesion.


The brand prides itself in being able to appeal to wide demographic, essentially America’s publication and the new logo reflects this aesthetic even further. The new identity is fresh, bold, and vibrant. It brings more attention to the articles by increasing the negative space, implementing a new sans serif font and larger logo. Additionally, its color-coded sections effectively divide the content and help the readers direct their attention to what they want to read.

Stephen Colbert recently poked fun at “USA Today”‘s new brand identity. Click to view the video here.


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