Week #5: Typography

DECORATIVE FONT: Double Feature, 100pt.

I wanted to create an eerie mood with this quote so I found this font in 100pt that is similar to the one used for the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” title. I condensed the letters to create a sense that something is off with the quote. The type is not justifies to enhance this scary feeling.

DECORATIVE FONT: Cubefont, 72pt

SANS SERIF FONT: Futura, 72pt and 118pt

For this typography exploration, I was inspired by Barbara Kruger’s body of work, who is known for using bold typography in her art. I wanted to accentuate some words and nothing is more fitting that white text against a bright red background. The mood for this is striking and clean.

SERIF FONT: Times New Roman, 48pt and 18pt

Times New Roman, .48 pt and 18 pt For my serif font exploration, I wanted to create a repetitive and obsessive mood. Times is one of the most used fonts and I wanted to play on that by repeating the quote over and over. The hint of red adds a sense of seriousness to the typography.



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