Week 6: Signage



A Lesson in Signage: Ralphs 

Branding: It’s main logo remains to be the white serif font against a red background. The corporate image of the supermarket chain is meant to be engaging and attractive towards customers. It is also meant to be bold and easily recognizable, a goal in which the designers achieved through the design. The same aesthetic cannot be said about the rest of the store, however due to the lack of consistency with the fonts.

Location: Text can be seen throughout the store since customers need to be able to read and locate where specific items are. There is signage overhead as well as everywhere else. The goal for a supermarket to have its signage to be highly visible and Ralphs definitely surpassed this goal.

Hierarchy: Attention was definitely paid to the hierarchy of font based on the importance and urgency of information. For example, the price for the deals of the day would be significantly larger and bolder to attract more attention.

Points in Time: From the moment you walk in the store, signage is upfront, in-your-face, visible. There are signs every direction to ease the shopper into finding the right things and getting the best deals. While the consistency of fonts might be lacking, the brand image still remains to be quite simple. In terms of whether the signage serves as an aide to the function of the supermarket, Ralphs achieved its purpose.

Legibility: Everything was clear and easy to read. The signs were even bilingual, which would be in spanish and italics at the bottom, in order to increase legibility with a wider demographic.

Continuity: The same type of font was not used through the entire store. The pictures show that the signs are comprised of both serif and sans serf. It can be distracting at times but extremely helpful. The font and italics of a sign would be different to signify different functions.

Lighting: Not much attention is paid to the position of the signage in terms of the lighting. All the signs were well-lit in order to be seen.

Materials Used: The materials are pretty standard for signage in a supermarker. The point for the signs is so that it can be easily changed with new deals, which happen daily, so that using paper, cardboard and vinyl is typical.


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