Assignment #7: The Power of Storytelling Using Infographics

SUBJECT: Since the elections are almost here, I knew I wanted to create my infographic based on the growth of social media and how it has made an impact on the political arena. My findings were not surprising-within just four years, since the last election, the amount of influence that social media has upon the political landscape only continues to grow exponentially resulting in campaigns spending more and more money into that medium. I thought it would be fun to recreate a head-to-head battle with the two Presidential candidates to see who would win the race, if it was entirely up to social media presence.

DEMOGRAPHIC: I think this infographic is best suited for someone who is interested in the subject matter of social media and politics. A majority of active social media users are of voting age so this information could be helpful to them.

DATA: Instead of going through the standard public sources of data for my statistics, I read a lot of articles about the subject matter since it has obviously been newsworthy. From the articles, I managed to trace data that were referenced back to the source. I also took to the candidates’ social media accounts for the most current data.

COLOR SCHEME: For the most part, the color scheme remained relatively analogous. I had to adhere to the typical patriotic theme for this project. The background was a lot more neutral when I was putting this together and was supposed to be reminiscent of a cork board, but it is coming off a bit pungent on screen.

FONT: I used one striking sans serif font called Franchise in varying sizes.

HIERARCHY: I divided the infographic into three different areas to establish some sort of hierarchy. The varying different font sizes show the level of importance of information. I chose to isolate all the numbers from the statistics by making them a different color so a reader’s eyes will immediately be drawn to that.

BAR GRAPH: I chose to incorporate two bar graphs in this infographic to show which of the candidates has more influence on what social media mediums. The first shows the average number of retweets for every tweet, which although Romney has significantly less followers than Obama, has more retweets signifying that he has more influence on Twitter. The second bar graph shows the average number of shares for every Facebook post and unsurprisingly, Obama has more influence through that medium.


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