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Week 11: Manual Lima’s Visual Syntax: L.A. Radio Stations

Example used: Radial Implosion



Title: Who’s Playing What: The Most Played Hits on L.A.’s Top Radio Stations

Objective: The objective of this map is to inform the user about the most played songs from the top radio stations in the region. I chose to use the radial implosion as the example for this project because even though it looks convoluted, it fits the style of my topic the most. Since the branches are connected in some areas, people can see what tracks are repeated with different stations through this system.

Identify “user experience”:

The user experience is meant to be easy to use and fairly self-explanatory. You enter through the main page where you are directed right to the interface. There you can zoom in and out of the different features like an interactive map.

Identify syntax used:

I was mostly concerned with having a straightforward and easy to use system. Listing the names of the songs seem to be the most appropriate for this specific interactive.

Identify navigation

The navigation starts from the central point with the boombox then it branches out. All the vinyl is meant to be clickable to let people know a little bit more about the respective radio stations. The different songs are also clickable and will give people a sample of the track. The interacted would be programmed to be connected to an API database that will update the names of the songs frequently.

Identify sequence of actions and functions step by step

The user can enter through the boombox on the main page which serves as a player for all the stations listed. The interactive is designed to function like a map that you can zoom in and out of. Once the user is there, he or she can click on the different radio stations which would be represented by the different records. From there, if the user clicks on the records, a brief description of the station will pop up. They could also be directed to the station’s social media feed.

Color Palette:


Fonts Used: 

Brain Flower

Impact Label

Bebas Neue

Data Source List

Since I work for the college radio station, I learned that each radio station that I have encountered—albeit university or not—has its own aesthetic in terms of what type of music is most requested and played. I am always intrigued at the type of music other stations are playing and if the tracks are truly different or if they intersect and to what degree. I have gathered a list of the most played songs from some of my favorite stations in the area and convert it into a flipical implosion graph. My static page is a boombox where people can virtually turn the dial to change radio stations.

KCRW 89.9 Fifty Most Played Albums:

KIIS 102.7

KXLU 88.9

KDAY 93.5

KXSC 1560 am

STAR 98.7